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Reckless Playa del Carmen motorist crashes into car, cyclist

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A subject seen driving recklessly ended up crashing into a car that hit a cyclist along the federal highway heading toward Tulum.

Citizens who witnessed the accident prevented the reckless driver from leaving the scene while waiting for police. They reported that the driver of the Ford Fiesta was witnessed speeding and zigzagging between vehicles, which gave the impression the driver was intoxicated.

During his maneuvers, the operator of the Ford Fiesta crashed into a car that was a pilot for a bicyclist. That car ended up crashing into the man on the bicycle, sending him for a several-meter skid. The second car then left the highway, coming to a stop in the grassy shoulder area. Both vehicles suffered extensive damage.

Witnesses to the mishap closed in on the offending vehicle, preventing the driver from leaving until authorities arrived.

In total, two people, one of which was the cyclist and the other, the driver of the second vehicle, received injuries from the accident. They were transported to private clinics. The offending driver was apprehended by police and handed over to the State Attorney General’s Office.