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Quintana Roo taxi drivers added to Cancun Uber app as UberGo

Cancun, Q.R. — Quintana Roo taxi drivers will be added to Uber’s app as an UberGo option. Users of the Uber app will soon have the option to select a private Uber driver or a public state taxi.

When using the app, users can select a private option or UberGo, which under the description, lets the user know it is a Quintana Roo taxi.

Quintana Roo taxi drivers were added to the rideshare app after an agreement was made with state government authorities. At the moment, the Uber app with the taxi driver inclusion is being tested.

With the state’s taxi driver inclusion, it is expected that conflicts between taxi and Uber drivers will come to an end.

Uber app users will be able to select a private Uber driver or an UberGo public taxi.

Águeda Esperilla, spokesperson for Uber’s driving partners explained that they hope to be able to coexist more peacefully with the addition of the taxi drivers. He says that the integration of the state taxi drivers into the Uber app could also allow them to provide service at the Cancun International Airport, ensuring fair competition.

“We hope negotiations progress positively for everyone,” he said. “We have high expectations of the agreements and it is important to give the user the choice of a taxi or an Uber in addition to being able to operate in all areas, including the airport,” he said.

Last week, State Secretary Cristina Torres Gómez announced that Uber agreed to join the Command, Control, Computing, Communications and Citizen Contact Center (C5) of Quintana Roo.

As part of their app, a panic button installed in vehicles will be connected directly to the C5 in the event of an emergency. Torres says the button is for user safety and will be mandatory in all state public units during 2024.