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Quintana Roo FGE wins first ever forfeiture of property of a Cancun hotel linked to organized crime

Cancun, Q.R. — For the first time in Quintana Roo, the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) was successful in winning the forfeiture of a property for being linked to organized crime.

Title for the property of Casa Blana in SM 65 of Cancun, has been removed from its owner Armando N, after the FGE successfully proved the hotel was used for drug and organized crime purposes.

FGE head Oscar Montes de Oca Rosales explained, “for the first time in the history of Quintana Roo, we had a sentence for forfeiture of domain in relation to a property located on López Portillo Avenue and Tulum Avenue, considering that this property was an instrument to carry out drug dealing activities.

“We will have to wait for the opposing party to exhausts its defense mechanisms, however, it is an achievement for the Prosecutor’s Office and for the entire state,” he said.

The forfeiture came after prosecutors found the hotel deep in the sale of drugs after a 2018 murder that took place on the property. In 2020, a second murder was also recorded at the same location.

The Anti-Drug Division of the Federal Police of the Government of Mexico determined that the hotel had also served as the center of operations for El Chaparro, leader of the criminal organization Los Pelones.

Those determinations were made after the July arrest of Juan N, for extortion against businesses across the state.

Oscar Montes de Oca said the state had been in a court battle regarding the Casa Blanca hotel since October 3, 2020.

The National Law on Domain Extinction was published on August 9, 2019, which allows the rights of a property owner to be extinguished without obtaining any benefit when related to crimes of drugs, human trafficking, kidnapping, corruption, concealment, vehicle theft and extortion, among others.