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Puerto Morelos moves forward with sanitary drainage connections

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — The municipality of Puerto Morelos has begun work on the sanitary drainage connection for a high school.

Municipal president Laura Fernández Piña gave the go-ahead for the school’s connection to the sanitary drainage system in Escuela Secundaria Técnica Pesquera Primero de Junio, which she says, reaffirmed her administration’s commitment to protect the ecosystems of Puerto Morelos.

“This is a very important event because for many years the municipality did not have drainage, which means that during that time, the sewage was discharged into septic tanks and over time, that infrastructure was deteriorating, which means that there were leaks to the subsoil and with it contamination of the water tables,” the mayor explained.

During the presentation, on-hand members explained that they have launched information campaigns to raise public awareness about the importance of protecting the natural resources. Now is the time for them to achieve that in total for those who live in the Old Town or have a property here, to connect as soon as possible.

Members of the Puerto Morelos project noted that 70 percent of the town is connected to the area drainage network, that there are 215 connections already confirmed and only 92 left in waiting.

Javier Buenfil, manager of Aguakan in Puerto Morelos, highlighted the effort together with the municipal government and other institutions such as the National Commission of Protected Natural Areas, businessmen and civil society, to move from the once 38 percent of connections to the current 70 percent.

“People have responded to the campaign Conéctate al drenaje, por un arrecife sano. In the next few days, we are about to start the drainage introduction works in the second stage of the Old Town, which is the northern part, in which we will integrate 450 more lots,” he stated.