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Puerto Morelos hoping to ratify agreement to continue using Isla Mujeres landfill

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — A meeting between municipal officials of Puerto Morelos and Isla Mujeres will decide on a ratified agreement for garbage deposit. The secretary of the Puerto Morelos city council says they lack options for a final dump site for the municipality’s waste.

José de Jesús Espinosa Payán, Puerto Morelos city council secretary, acknowledged that the municipality does not have options for the final destination of its waste. He says for this reason, they need to continue hauling it to the Isla Mujeres landfill site, as they have for years.

He says the municipality of Puerto Morelos is hoping to ratify the agreement with the municipality of Isla Mujeres to avoid an environmental contingency.

The request came after Isla Mujeres mayor Atenea Gómez Ricalde said the agreement needs to be reevaluated with both Puerto Morelos and Benito Juarez (Cancun), who, for many years, have deposited their municipal trash in the Isla Mujeres landfill.

Last month, Ricalde commented that both Puerto Morelos and Benito Juarez use their landfill on the Continental Zone without any agreement.

“We have to re-enter into an agreement with Isla Mujeres because we have always deposited waste there. We have been in meetings with them to see the possibility of continuing to work at the Isla Mujeres dump.

“There are projects to analyze places in Puerto Morelos to make a landfill, but we don’t have any right now, so we continue negotiating with them to continue dumping our garbage in Isla Mujeres,” he said.

The secretary said he does not know the amount that they allocate monthly for the use of the sanitary landfill, however, the negotiations they have had recently would be aimed at endorsing the agreement at least until next year.

He added that Puerto Morelos generates between 70 and 90 tons of garbage daily, so it is necessary to continue taking the waste to the inter-municipal landfill, especially now that they have managed to stabilize the collection service.