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Puerto Morelos donates land to CAPA for wastewater cesspool

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — The municipality of Puerto Morelos has donated land to CAPA who will see a wastewater cesspool built. On Monday, Puerto Morelos Municipal Trustee, José de Jesús Espinosa Payán, delivered the deed to Armando A. Covarrubias Cortez, the General Director of the Drinking Water Commission and Sewerage of Quintana Roo (CAPA).

The property will be used by Desarrollos Hidráulicos de Cancún (Aguakan) to build a wastewater cesspool. The property is located in lot 24, block 50 of superblock 217. The property, which originally measured 17,789 m2, was subdivided in such a way that lot 24-01 was left with 14,418 m2 and lot 24-2 with 1,370 m2, which was donated to CAPA.

The Secretary of Puerto Morelos City Council, José de Jesús Espinosa Payán, said that the delivery of this property ratifies the commitment of authorities to provide adequate management of wastewater in the municipality.

“Having an efficient system for its treatment, reuse and disposal allows us to offer dignified services that improve the quality of life of Puerto Morelos residents,” he said.

CAPA now owns the land that Aguakan will build the wastewater cesspool on. Photo: Photo: H. Ayuntamiento de Puerto Morelos July 17, 2023.

He also said that the cárcamos (pumping station) are a fundamental piece to reduce flooding. Its function will be to raise the water from a lower level to a higher one so that water reaches its destination by gravity and, therefore, with the necessary force for its correct use.

He explained that Aguakán will be responsible for the drainage service in the Pescadores neighborhood, superblocks 17 and 18 and La Fe, Tierra Nueva, Nueva Generación and Zetina Gasca neighborhoods.

In total, it will have a capacity of 400 m3 and serve around 13,000 residents. The project is expected to be finished in around eight months.