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Puebla painted white by hail as cold front passes

Puebla, Mexico — The arrival of the polar air mass from the U.S. that had many residents bracing, left the city of Puebla white. Over the weekend, the city was part of the area forecast to be hit by the mass of polar air, which resulted in a downpour of hail.

The system did not disappoint. As it entered the state, hail rained down on the very green city of Puebla, turning it white for several hours until it melted.

Area residents photographed the after effects of the intense rain that came with cold front 22 as it blanketed the region. A majority of the state was left pure white, including the capital city.

State Civil Protection said there were no issues or accidents reported during the afternoon hail storm. Another system of cold air is riding on the shirt tails of no 22 that will generate continued cool air for that region.

The Yucatan Peninsula also recorded a severe drop in afternoon and morning temperatures due to the same cold front no 22. The next approaching polar air front, no. 23, is not yet forecast to reach the Peninsula.