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Program to support Puerto Morelos growers has helped them to market directly

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — Support programs for local growers in Puerto Morelos has helped them diversify and position their products locally. The programs allow farmers to consolidate, sell their crops directly to suppliers or established companies and diversify their production according to demand, said Reyna Barrera López, municipal secretary of Economic Development and Regulatory Improvement.

He said that both fish farmers and fishermen have also managed to position their products in local commerce.

“We gave 200 farmers two tons of corn seed and two tons of beans and we promoted a 60-square-meter permaculture orchard program for the production of vegetables, benefiting 87 women,” she explained.

Barrera says that the products from the Puerto Morelos countryside are provided to local hotels and restaurants. He says the most in-demand products are habanero chili, sour orange, Persian lemon, basil, chives and honey, but tomato, pumpkin, radish, coriander, mango and avocado are also produced.

For other areas, he said fish farmers work on the rearing and fattening of tilapia, while livestock production has gained importance in the municipality, mainly the breeding and fattening of pigs, sheep and cattle.

He added that progress has also been made in the consolidation of beekeeping through the formation of a cooperative society and that work has been done on the certification of apiaries to have the necessary documentation to receive various support.