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Profepa imposes fine, environmental restoration on Cozumel land

Cozumel, Q.R. — A fine and environmental restoration program has been imposed on a local Cozumel business owner after federal officers report irregularities.

After an inspection, agents from Procuraduría Federal de Protección al Ambiente (Profepa) have fined the Ejido Villas Cozumel and the previous concessionaire for a series of irregularities that have not been addressed in an area that consists of El Pescador restaurant.

The land is located on the east coast of the island next to Playa Chen Rio.

Federal officials say that they have set a fine of 150,000 peso and requirements for an ecological restoration program after they found illegal buildings and unsustainable materials used in a low impact area.

Officers report finding the construction of palapas, ramps, bathrooms, warehouses and other infrastructure that did not comply with environmental impact guidelines from a visit that dates back to 2014. The fine imposed then remains unpaid, however, some ecological restoration efforts were made.

The business was re-notified of the outstanding debt, which remains unpaid by the previous commissioner holder and is what prompted officers to pay another visit.

The current commissioner of the Ejido Villas Cozumel, Emilio Novelo, met the Profepa inspectors confirming that they are owners of the area and if there is something to correct, it will be done. The ecological restoration program involves returning the site to its natural state.