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Police seize drugs, weapons, vehicle in Playa del Carmen murder

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — One adult male was killed after being shot to death while driving his motorcycle on 28 de Julio of Playa del Carmen.

The targeted attack took place around 8:00 p.m. after several people in a car shot the driver of the motorcycle. After firing, the car fled, however, members of the Municipal Preventive Police arrested several people in addition to seizing drugs, weapons and their vehicle.

According to information from the Directorate of Public Security and Municipal Transit, the chase began on Solidaridad Avenue which created a police mobilization that ended in the detention of five people on Kantunilkín Street in the same neighborhood.

Elements of the Municipal Police and the Ministry of the Navy carried out the operation at a given address where the vehicle, drugs and three weapons were found. Police report seizing two pistols and a submachine gun along with 800 doses of crack and 50 kilograms of marijuana.