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Police inspection leads to 600-kilo drug bust

Polotitlán, State of Mexico — As part of the Fixed Filter Operation located along a highway in Polotitlán, elements of the Ministry of Security arrested a man found transporting 600 kilos of marijuana.

According to the police report, the discovery of the truck was made along the Palmillas-Atlacomulco highway at Taxhie when the driver of a cargo van was pulled over for inspection. Noticing the driver acting suspicious, police began questioning him about his cargo, which is when he attempted to flee on foot.

He only ran several meters before he was caught and detained by police.

When they inspected his load, they found stacked shoe boxes toward the front of the cargo doors, however, behind those boxes they discovered 40 wrapped packages of marijuana. In total, police found and seized 600 kilos. They say that 29-year-old Javier N of Jalisco was arrested.

Upon his arrest, Javier allegedly told police the shipment belonged to a criminal group and that his function was to transfer the narcotics to Mexico City.