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Police in Playa del Carmen seize 100 kilos of pot and one person during operation

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Playa del Carmen officials say the search of a home in the Pescadores subdivision has lead to the mass seizure of drugs. In an operation, one person was detained and around 100 kilos of pot removed from the private residence.

Officials moved in Thursday after being granted a search warrant for the premises. Numerous large bags containing the processed plant was removed along with one person. The home where the pot was found was also seized by authorities.

Playa del Carmen police have not identified the person arrested during the operation. On social media, the FGE also kept their report brief saying only “The FGE Quintana Roo reports that in compliance with a search warrant and in coordination with it, approx. 100 kg of marijuana in a building in the Pescadores subdivision of the Municipality of Solidarity. There is a person arrested.”