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Police assaulted by invaders attempting to reclaim Tulum land

Tulum, Q.R. — Squatters who had recently been evicted from land in Tulum, returned to make their claim, assaulting police officers guarding the property.

The assault happened during the nighttime hours when a group of illegal invaders who were recently evicted from the land, returned. In an attempt to reclaim the property, they began throwing stones at on-site police who were there to guard the land and ensure the invaders did not return.

In turn, police fired their guns into the air with reports of several municipal and state officers being physically assaulted with sticks by those trying to take back the land.

The squatters, who consisted of about 40 families calling themselves Yokolk’lin, were evicted earlier that morning by police armed with a judicial order after they were found illegal, having lived on the land since 2016.

The land is located between a primary school and Aldea Zama. Several people were arrested in the nighttime assault.