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Playa del Carmen police reach out to local communities with sports, talks

Playa del Carmen, Q. R. — With the participation of more than 4,000 families, the General Directorate of Public Safety of Solidaridad completed a 22-day program, Together Police and Society Overcome Insecurity, in neighborhoods and subdivisions of the municipality.

The objective was to develop a culture of participation, prevention, self-protection and respect for legality. “In the Municipal Police, we are convinced that closeness to citizens and joint work is an important factor for security,” said the manager of the Office of Public Security and Transit Solidarity, Jorge Robles.

He explained that the program helped to strengthen the relationship between the police and citizens to generate trust and address problems that affect the community. Various legal branches of Solidaridad participated in the program including the Directorate of Citizen Participation and Crime Prevention, the Traffic Directorate, the Canine Unit and the Fire Department.

Each area took part in various sports and recreational activities with children, youth and adults in order to focus their energy on healthy activities. Other activities such as self-defense workshops for kids and talks with parents were held on issues of prevention, family violence, home robberies and vandalism.

Kids were invited to check out the inside of the units of police, fire and motorcycles to learn about their operations and missions. The program also included an exchange of toy guns for a different new toy to encourage young kids to understand violence is not a game.