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Playa del Carmen police detain two after driver altercation leaves combi without windows

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — An exchange of words between a motorist and a combi driver resulted in extensive damage to the public transport van. The incident happened in the Villas del Sol region of Playa del Carmen Friday, when a man driving a black car blocked the path of a combi driver.

The driver of the public unit asked the driver to move his car, however, rather than comply, an exchange of words began. Witnesses to the altercation confirmed that the man and woman traveling in the black car did block the path of the combi. When the driver asked them to move, an exchange of words turned to aggression.

Witnesses say the female passenger of the car obtained a stick, which she handed to her partner who began to break the windows of the combi unit. Police were called to the scene and both the male and female from the car were taken into custody.