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Playa del Carmen mayor says Fifth Avenue remodeling project on schedule

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The remodeling project of Playa del Carmen’s popular Fifth Avenue is approximately 22 percent complete in its first stage and on time, says municipal head, Laura Beristain Navarrete.

She reports that the surrounding streets of Fifth Avenue, along with Fundadores Park, is generally 22 percent complete in its first stage and that the completion times are according to plan. She says that at the end of it all, the tourist area will shine with a renewed image.

Regarding project progress, the director of Public Works, José Luis Castillejos Gómez, reported that in this first stage “we are working on embankments and levels as well as the part of the electrical and service installations, which includes demolition and the total dismantling of the previous roadway as well as the removal of some large planters that were in poor condition.”

“In parque Fundadores, there are levels on embankments. You can see the total dismantling of the previous stonework and the planter boxes that were in poor condition,” said the mayor adding that images for the new anticipated look of parque Fundadores will be released shortly.

She explained that workers are still leveling some of the roadways, however, when that is complete, they will then begin to work on the retaining walls and then the new roadway will be placed. Once this stage ends, progress will be 20 percent weekly, she said adding “I ask you to have confidence that the projects will be completed according to the planned times.”

She anticipates the projects in the maritime zone will be done shortly, noting that that the flyers of Papantla will be relocated in this area and that businesses in the surrounding streets of the park will also benefit.