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Playa del Carmen mayor announces rules to accompany beach reopening pilot project

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The government of Solidaridad says they are preparing the hygiene and safety measures that will be required for the beach reopening pilot program in Playa del Carmen. Mayor Laura Beristain Navarrete warns that the success of the program depends on citizen reaction, adding that the program will be trial and error.

In a statement, she specified that the program will be evaluated every day, since keeping the beaches open will depend on the behavior of citizens to respect and comply with the rules being prepared by Solidaridad administration within the framework of the New Normal.

She added that the economic reactivation will depend a lot on citizen and visitor response to avoid spreading the virus. She acknowledged that according to the epidemiological light, beaches can only be reopened gradually and with restrictions when the state reaches yellow.

For this reason, Beristain was very clear in stating that on August 20, when the project begins, the behavior and performance of the citizens will be evaluated with respect to compliance. She explained that rules will be enforced along Playa del Carmen beaches which will include people respecting the protocols and guidelines to be on the beach for a certain time and not indefinitely.

She said that anyone visiting the beach will be restricted to essentials only, which means no food, alcoholic beverages or cigarettes, stressing the need to keep the sea and beaches cared for and clean. If successful, the program could allow a gradual and firm reopening of Playa del Carmen beaches.