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Playa del Carmen adds three new members to narcotics team

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The city of Playa del Carmen has welcomed three new members to its drug prevention team with the addition of a new canine unit.

Municipal president Laura Beristain says in regards to the specialized dogs, “To strengthen the security of Solidaridad, we are focused on redoubling efforts in coordinated actions and we will not stop.”

The message was sent during the launching of the new Canine Unit that will be used to reinforce the work of the General Directorate of Public Safety and Municipal Transit in the special operations for the detection of explosives and narcotics.

The mayor stressed that the municipality will continue working tirelessly so families can live quietly and peacefully by expanding the response capacity of the police for better strategies for the prevention of crime.

The new members of the team are Roca, Mono and Martina, three dogs that received highly specialized training and will serve as support for local police. The three dogs have already been out working which during their first week, were responsible for the arrest of three people in two separate incidences found carrying drugs in the tourist area of Playa del Carmen.

“We are taking firm steps to ensure security in the municipality with the reinforcement of our police force and above all with more equipment since we are a world-class tourist destination and we need to be at the forefront to give effective results in terms of prevention of crime and social proximity,” stressed the mayor.

The dog’s first two arrests were made in the Playa del Carmen ferry terminal and along Fifth Avenue.

Martín Estrada Sánchez, General Director of Public Safety and Traffic of Solidarity explained that “The skills and abilities that characterize the dogs of the Canine Unit will help in the detection of narcotics and explosive devices, as well as in other operations that the corporation carries out for the safety of all citizens.”