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Pickup lands in front yard trying to avoid Felipe Carrillo Puerto street vendor

Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Q.R. — Extensive material damage was reported in a late night crash in the town of Felipe Carrillo Puerto after the driver of a truck collided a tricycle. However, in his attempt to avoid the bike, he slammed into a parked car before crashing through a concrete wall of a private home.

Dozens of neighbors who heard the commotion made the call to police who arrived to find two smashed vehicles and a collapsed concrete fence.

The incident happened Friday night on 62nd and 51st Street in the Juan Bautista Vega neighborhood of Felipe Carrillo Puerto. According to traffic agents, the driver of the pickup was alledgly under the influence while driving north to south.

He lost control of his vehicle while trying to avoid the street vendor on the tricycle. From there, he hit a parked car and finally came to a rest in the front yard of a private home after crashing through their concrete fence.

The two vehicles and tricycle involved were transferred to the city corral. The driver of the pickup was arrested and will be held responsible for damages.