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Pemex workers protest being out of work after FGE shuts their station

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A group of Playa del Carmen Pemex workers expressed their frustration of being left out of work after authorities shut down their location. On Wednesday, former employees protested after elements of the State Attorney General’s Office closed the Pemex gas station.

Two weeks ago, agents placed a large seal across the base of the Pemex road sign along 115th Avenue, leaving 28 Pemex employees out of work. Two weeks later, the two dozen-plus employees are still waiting for their location to reopen.

One of the protesting employees, Maria “G”, said her employer is helping where he can by placing them in other gas stations, however, they all live in that area and want to return to their jobs at the 115th Avenue location.

The frustrated workers chanted “we want to work!” to motorists along 115th Avenue.

According to the FGE seal placed, the Pemex gas station was closed by the Special Prosecutor for drug related crimes.