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PDC Walmart workers reach partial contract agreement

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Central Walmart workers who threatened to strike have finally reached an agreement with the company. According to Emmanuel Pérez Villegas, CROC union commissioner, the unionized workers reached a portion of their agreement Thursday.

He said that while the company agreed to pay workers extra hours, the 90-day bonus will be reviewed in the labor contract for the next year.

“A satisfactory agreement was reached for both parties. The workers will receive the agreement in the coming weeks,” he said, acknowledging that only part of the worker demands were met.

Nearly 50 centrally located Playa del Carmen workers participated in the protest that began in March. Villegas said that the workers agreed to return to work since the issue of overtime was addressed, however, the issue of payment bonus “was put aside” but added that they will form a commission to review the collective bargaining agreement in the following months.