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PDC Transit office detains Yucatan man trying to renew fake driver’s license

Playa del Carmen, Q. R. — Police in Playa del Carmen arrested a man inside the city Transit office for trying to renew a fake driver’s license. On Friday, the SSP of Solidaridad reported on the incident that lead to the man’s arrest.

In a briefing, the SSP said that a man was taken into custody by elements of the Solidaridad Municipal Public Safety and Transit Police who was “in possession of a driver’s license that is apparently apocryphal.”

“Jorge “N”, 35 and originally from Yucatán, was arrested at the office of the Transit Directorate after he tried to carry out the license renewal process by delivering a false license without the official security seals, allegedly acquired in a driving school in Playa del Carmen,” they reported.

For several weeks, the SSP of Solidaridad has been warning area residents about purchasing driver’s licenses anywhere outside of the official city Transit Office, including online.

In their statement, they added that “only the Secretary of Public Security and Municipal Transit can issue driver’s licenses and the process is personal and face-to-face.”