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PDC City Council considering the return of old law that would regulate large transport trucks in center

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — City Council members are discussing the return of an old law that once prohibited large vehicles from driving through the city center. Playa del Carmen Alderman Rodolfo del Ángel Campos says the Council has discussed modifying Solidaridad Traffic Regulations that would see the old law reinstated.

He says that there was a time when heavy transit and cargo units were not allowed to travel through the first quarter of the city. Over time, that regulation was dissolved and the heavy vehicles allowed.

Campos explained that now, however, these large units only add to the city’s already thick traffic congestion by slowing down cars.

“We have to see how we can not allow them access because they slow down the traffic of vehicles and affect the pavement due to the dimensions of the vehicles,” he said.

While the vehicles are considered necessary for the transfer of merchandise, the city is looking into modifying regulations to restrict them to certain areas. “The modification of the regulation would prohibit vehicles of this nature in these primary areas and would see them only be able to circulate where Transit authorizes the road for that use,” he explained.

Some of the options for cargo trucks in Playa del Carmen could include 115th Avenue, 125th Avenue and Playa del Carmen Boulevard.

“These roads would provide an immediate solution to the problem, however, what needs to be worked on, and we are already working on it, is a comprehensive regulation since there is a national mobility law and a state mobility law, all the laws have to be harmonized and obviously our current traffic regulations are not harmonized, so what is going to be sought is that it be harmonized, but this problem has to be addressed immediately while the regulation is being completed,” he said.