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Patrolling Playa del Carmen officers find dead man after hearing gunfire in residential neighborhood

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Municipal Police of Solidaridad have arrested four after a fight left one person dead and another injured. The group of youths were picked up early Sunday when officers patrolling the In-House area heard gunfire.

According to an official statement from Seguridad Pública y Tránsito Solidaridad, police proceeded to search for the location of the gunfire when they found an injured man on Gravenor Bay Street. He had been shot in the left shoulder.

He proceeded to tell police that “he and several acquaintances were meeting on the second level of a house when a fight began and one of them took out a weapon causing a projectile wound to him and to another subject in a cheekbone, and later, after a struggle between those present, they took the weapon from him and proceeded to shoot him.”

Police requested a medical unit before entering the scene where they proceeded to secure those who identified themselves as Julio “N”, 31 years old from Yucatan, Ángel “N” 27 from Chiapas, Fredy “N” 18 from Quintana Roo and Marco “N” 19 from Tabasco. All four will face varying charges that include injuries and homicide.