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Pair of would be thieves tied to pole for Cancun police

Cancun, Q.R. — Fed up area residents in a Cancun neighborhood tied two would-be store thieves to a pole while they waited for police. On Wednesday, the two barely 20-something year old males were tied by their feet to a metal city pole and guarded by angry residents.

Police were called and told upon arrival that the pair were caught by the group of men after they walked into a store armed and demanded money. People from inside the store managed to overtake the two youths who were dragged outside and tied.

Others who saw what was happening joined in subduing and tying them to a city pole in SM 205 and then guard them until police arrived.

The angry residents detailed that the two youths walked into the mom and pop store. One pulled out a gun and demanded everyone inside empty their cash into the box that was being carried by the second youth.

Rather than hand over their money, shoppers tackled them, took their gun and called 911. Police arrested both youths and seized their weapon in the process.