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Pair of out-of-town men reported for extortion in Playa del Carmen jailed on drug charges

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A pair of males who were reported for extortion of a central Playa del Carmen business were successful in getting themselves arrested on drug charges. The pair were taken into custody Sunday after a merchant in the Gonzalo Guerrero neighborhood reported them for extorting money.

According to owner of the business, the males arrived in a Kia car demanding a floor right payment. When they left, he contacted Municipal Police who were quick to catch up with the pair on 38th Street and Fifth Avenue.

Jailed was 27-year-old Duniño “N” from Honduras and 33-year-old Juan “N” from Mexico City. While the pair were being arrested for extortion, officers also found 21 street doses of marijuana, three cell phones and 5,000 peso in cash between them.