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Pair in custody after Cancun police locate stash of illegal items

Cancun, Q.R. — Possession of drugs, loaded weapons and ammo were some of the reasons Cancun police arrested Emiliano M and Marlene S Monday. The pair were taken into police custody in SM 43 after a vehicle inspection found some of the illegal items.

According to the FGR (Attorney General of the Republic) of Quintana Roo a later search of their home, which was granted by a judge in the Accusatory Criminal System of the Federal Criminal Justice Center, found numerous other illegal items.

Among those items was more than 120 kilos of narcotics in 19 cardboard boxes, ammo, weapons and drug paraphernalia. The seizure was made on Calle Oyamel in coordinated efforts between elements of the Public Ministry of the FGR in Quintana Roo and the Federal Ministerial Police.

According to local authorities, Emiliano M was processed and admitted to the CERESO prison of Cancun, while Marlene S was ordered house arrest.