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Owners watch helplessly as private boats go up in flames

La Paz, Baja California Sur — At least 10 private vessels were burned during an early morning marina fire Thursday in La Paz. National Guard were first on scene at Marina Palmira after reports of the 4:00 a.m. blaze.

“The Guardia Nacional activated the PlanGN_A to provide assistance to the population after a fire was recorded that affected several boats in the Marina Palmira area in the municipality of La Paz BCS. Perimeter security and support with a tanker are provided in the area to put out the fire,” Guardia Nacional posted on social media.

Héctor Amparano, head of municipal Civil Protection, reported no injuries in the fire that eventually consumed at least 10 vessels. He said that in addition to National Guard and Civil Protection personnel, elements of the Army, the State Attorney General’s Office and the Fire Department of La Paz were at the scene.

Thick smoke blacks out visibility due to the burning vessels. Photo: Guardia Nacional November 2, 2023.

Héctor Amparano told local media that the fire started in four boats, Optimus, Perfecto, Mira Viliz and Invictus, which were a total loss. Those four vessels sank.

However, flames fanned by winds reached six others which were reported with 80 and 90 percent damage. Fuel spillage is now a concern among the damaged and sunken vessels. Authorities have not said what started the fire.