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Over 700 Puerto Morelos businesses Civil Protection safety certified

Puerto Morelos, Q. R. — More than 700 businesses around Puerto Morelos have been Civil Protection safety certified. The Puerto Morelos Civil Protection Coordination has been inspecting municipal businesses for the past several months ensuring they comply with safety regulations.

Guillermo Morales López, who heads the municipality’s Civil Protection, reported 791 approved businesses out of the 885 inspected. He says municipal inspectors have visited businesses ensuring they are in compliance against risks associated with their line of work.

He said establishments that met the requirements to operate have emergency items such as fire extinguishers, fire detectors and first aid kits, as well as staff trained with first aid courses and fire management courses.

“It is important that the people who run a business and their employees know what to do in the event of an incident in their business premises since they must save their lives and that of their customers, therefore, maintenance must be constant,” he said.

Morales López explained that they have registered 469 low-risk businesses and have issued 416 consent permits of which 201 of 220 medium-risk have passed, while 174 of 196 high-risk have passed verification.

He recalled that among the low and medium-risk businesses are delis, offices, hairdressers and beauty salons and stationery stores along with grocery stores that handle heat appliances, such as stoves and grills, or businesses that use a lot of electricity, for which inspectors review installations.

Among those at high risk are restaurants and hotels and businesses that use gas or liquids that can be highly toxic or flammable such as mechanical workshops, hospitals and laboratories, he said.

“All businesses must have an operating license which is granted once the verification of the Civil Protection protocols has been approved since with this and other procedures, it is proven that the premises are safe,” he added.