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One dead and one injured in targeted Puerto Morelos drug house shooting

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — One dead and one injured was the result of a weekend armed attack in Puerto Morelos. The shooting happened Friday night in an area known as Le Fe.

Police responded to 9:30 p.m. reports of the shooting, arriving on Timón and Calamar Streets after residents reported hearing shots fired inside a house. Responding officers found one dead person inside and one injured.

The house is reported to be a known point for drug sales and the shooting, targeted. Residents reported seeing two subjects arrive on a motorcycle from where they began shooting at the house.

The deceased male was found shot in the head. A second male was transferred to hospital of his own means after being shot in the abdomen. However, his injuries were severe and he was later transferred to a Cancun hospital by ambulance.

From the scene, authorities removed the deceased man’s body and collected 10 shell casings. An investigation is underway.