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One dead and five others injured after 30-liter cylinder LP gas refill explosion

Cancun, Q.R. — One person has died from a Monday LP gas explosion in a Cancun station. The station explosion happened when an employee overfilled a 30-liter cylinder tank.

Initially, six people were reported seriously injured in the blast. One of the injured, Marcos “C”, was admitted to a Cancun hospital with second and thrid degree burns on the front of his body including his face and throat. He died in hospital Monday night.

Five others were reported injured with similar burns in the blast that blew apart the roof of the station. All five remain hospitalized.

Cancun Civil Protection Director, Antonio Riveroll, said since the explosion, the station has been closed. The accidental explosion happened Monday afternoon at a company station located on the Cancún-Mérida highway.

Firemen were first on scene and quickly followed by elements of Civil Protection, the State Police and the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena). Antonio Riveroll confirmed that the explosion was caused when an employee overfilled a 30-liter cylinder tank. The overfill caused it to explode inside the company station area, injuring other workers.

The station will remain closed while authorities investigate.