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One arrested in death of Cancun police officer

Cancun, Q.R. — The Attorney General of the State of Quintana Roo reports that it has executed an arrest warrant against Brayan N for the crimes of qualified homicide and attempted homicide against two municipal police officers.

The charges stem from a shooting incident in September when one Cancun police officer was shot and killed, while a second was shot and seriously injured in the Fraccionamiento La Joya of Cancun.

The Attorney General says according to investigations, the two uniformed men were circulating aboard marked police motorcycles in the residential area of SM 254 of Cancun when they stopped Brayan N, who was also riding a motorcycle, for plate irregularities.

The police passed the report to their commanders who confirmed that the subject did not present any problem, so police allowed him to leave, however, as police began to pull away, the subject launched a series of death threats to both officers for holding him back, assuring them that they would pay.

Subsequently, when restarting their surveillance tours, they were approached by a black SUV. One of the policemen was able to distinguish that among the subjects on board was Brayan N, who began shooting at police, causing the death of one element and injuries to the other.

The injured Cancun police officer was able to identify his attacker.

Brayan N was apprehended in SM 89 of Cancun and sent to the Social Reintegration Center of this municipality for holding.