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Officials investigate new highway cracks between Playa del Carmen and Puerto Morelos

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — UPDATED: State officials are working on investigating a new highway crack between Playa del Carmen and Puerto Morelos. The break in asphalt was located Wednesday morning approximately 15 kilometers north of Playa del Carmen.

According to information from Civil Protection, the corresponding studies have not yet been carried out to issue a resolution, since they are still working on the magnitude of the cracks.

The Ministry of Communications and Transportation said that a review of the area will be done. A study by engineers will determine if the cracks are possibly a response to a body of water located under the road. An analysis will be done to determine the risk of a new sinkhole.

The cracks are near the same place where federal authorities partially closed the highway on the limits of Solidaridad with Puerto Morelos.

On that occasion, experts discovered a subsoil landslide due to underground rivers. The partial closure of this section lasted for months, since the SCT was in the process of signing over the road to Fonatur.

As soon as the change was formalized, Fonatur began with the installation of piles, to support the underground cave.

UPDATE: César Flores Sánchez, secretary of Civil Protection for Solidaridad said after an inspection, the new cracks do not present any immediate dangers, however, it is being monitored and a repair will eventually be done.

“It is a place that will constantly create these inconveniences to the roadway. We are already monitoring the extent of the crack so that we can obtain more information,” he said.