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No injuries reported in Cozumel depot fire

Cozumel, Q.R. — A call to 911 alerted Cozumel firemen about a fire in the Industrial Zone of Cozumel. The fire was located in a vehicle depot of a rental company in Cozumel after the property manager made the report.

Cozumel police were part of the responding authorities on Claudio Canto Anduze Avenue. Flames were located in an area where outboard motors are serviced. It is believed to have been the starting point of the fire which quickly spread to a palapa on the site.

Adjacent land was also affected by the fire. There were no reports of injuries, only material damage. Cozumel authorities continue to investigate the cause of the fire.

Rafael Tenorip Pizano, the Director of Cozumel Civil Protection, was also at the scene. He confirmed it was the property manager who made the timely report which resulted in only material damage in the Saturday blaze.