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Nine more restaurants permanently close in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Nine more restaurants in the city of Playa del Carmen have permanently closed their doors due to the ongoing Covid epidemic. The news came from Canirac (Cámara Nacional de la Industria Restaurantera y Alimentos Condimentados) who said that their closures were the result of the economic crisis.

Canirac head Juan Carlos Hernández Cabrera, says that with these closures, at least 180 people lost their jobs.

“There are nine restaurants that will not open their doors again. Due to the complexity of the situation, it was not possible to stay open, they had to close and the number of jobs lost is regrettable,” he said adding that “many others are on a tightrope.”

He says that he does not believe reducing restaurant menu prices or offering promotions or packages would help. “I think we can hardly do promotions. It would put us on the border. If we are already incurring losses, offering cheaper prices or promotions would be a double hit,” he said.

Of the nine establishments that closed permanently, he indicated that seven were located on Fifth Avenue and the surrounding tourist area. Only two are in other parts of the city.

Hernández Cabrera noted that these nine closed restaurants are only their members of the Chamber of Commerce and does not include the real total number of restaurants that have permanently shut due to the economic crisis generated by Covid.