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Nichupté Bridge of Cancun scheduled for early 2024

Cancun, Q.R. — The upcoming Nichupté Bridge of Cancun is approximately 33 percent complete. The figure was announced Thursday after a Wednesday progress tour by state officials.

Accompanied by the Secretary of Sustainable Urban Territorial Development (SEDETUS) Armando Lara De Nigris, as well as on-site workers, Governor Mara Lezama highlighted that the bridge is being worked on by construction workers 24/7 and is expected to be inaugurated in early 2024.

The four-lane bridge will be 8.8 kilometers long and consist of a bicycle lane and three vehicular lanes 3.5 meters wide, one of which will be reversible.

The total length will be 8.8 kilometers. Photo: Ayuntamiento de Benito Juárez November 1, 2023.

Lezama said once complete, the bridge will be free to use (no tolls), and have an incredible design.

“It will remain an extraordinary work with great technology, with 228 supports and an arch-shaped steel clearing to clear a cenote that was found in the lagoon body. It will be a very long, spectacular bridge,” she said.

The bridge will connect the Cancun Hotel Zone with the city’s mainland.
Photo: Ayuntamiento de Benito Juárez November 1, 2023.

The finished bridge will connect the Cancun Hotel Hone with Colosio Boulevard and Tulum, Kabah and Bonampak Avenues. To date, the project has generated 8,150 direct jobs.