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Next concession for public Playa del Carmen transport to have air, WiFi

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The director of public transport for Playa del Carmen says that the public transport company who holds the next city concession will have to provide units outfitted with air conditioning and WiFi.

Manuel Pérez Mendoza, director of Public Transport of the municipality of Solidaridad says it was the city’s conclusion after their mobility study. He says currently, there are 47 public transport routes between Lázaro Cárdenas del Río combis and Tucsa buses. He says the combis total 350 units, while the Tusca buses total 127.

“As for Tucsa, the vehicle fleet is obsolete. Due to the age and conditions, they are already obsolete,” he pointed out. However, he does say that if Tucsa, the current company, meets these conditions, the concession will be given.

“We have done a study. We are inviting the current company Tucsa and the combis to enter this modernity (…) In the event they do not comply with the requirements, already modern air-conditioned units that have WiFi with all the requirements of this tender will be invited,” he explained. “In case they do not want to get into this modernity, logically others will come,” added Pérez Mendoza.

He says that the city of Playa del Carmen will issue the call before the end of the year so that in 2021, there will be such vehicles for urban service adding that “the public has constantly issued complaints about the poor condition of the Tucsa units, which are deficient in their interiors, their bodywork and even their mechanical operation.”