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New taxi base rates released for Cancun, Riviera Maya

Cancun, Riviera Maya , Q.R. — Cancun taxi drivers will now charge the new base rate of 37 peso, up from the previous base rate of 31 peso, reports the Mobility Institute of Quintana Roo.

The notice of the new fees come after adjustments were made by el Instituto de Movilidad de Quintana Roo (IMOVEQROO), who report the fee increases for Cancun will range from between 2 and 5 peso for taxi service throughout the city.

The new rates were supposed to be announced in March, however, negotiations by taxi drivers and the Mobility Institute took several months while the new fees were worked out and changes for the rate hikes were agreed upon.

The adjustments from the previously released new rates earlier this year by el Instituto de Movilidad de Quintana Roo saw an increase in taxi fares to the Cancun International AIrport, which was set at 280 peso but is now increased to 324 peso. Taxi rates for the Cancun Hotel Zone, on the other hand, remain largely unaffected with a decrease in some taxi fares.

In Playa del Carmen, el Instituto de Movilidad de Quintana Roo announced its readjusted rates would see a basic fare go from 22 peso to 30, while in Chetumal, the basic taxi rate stayed at 20 peso. Taxi passengers on Isla Mujeres will now pay a basic starting rate of 20 peso, up from the previous 16 peso, while Isla Mujeres passengers on the Continental Mainland will have their rates start at 22 peso, a one peso increase from before.

Initially, the new taxi rates were suppose to affect 10 municipalities, however, José María Morelos and Lázaro Cárdenas did not experience any new rate adjustments since Imoveqroo raised them in August. Cozumel will also be excluded from new rate hikes this time since island taxi rates were increased in 2014.

El Instituto de Movilidad de Quintana Roo says the newly adjusted rates will benefit almost 127,000 transport drivers in the 17 unions across the state.