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New Quito Ecuador to Cancun flights announced for June

Cancun, Q.R. — In June, Viva Aerobus will begin offering three flights per week from Quito, Ecuador to Cancun. Governor Mara Lezama Espinosa announced the new Cancun-Quito air connection through the low-cost airline Viva Aerobus.

“We continue to connect Quintana Roo with more destinations in the world. Now with the new international route, starting in June, VivaAerobus Cancun-Quito will have a frequency of three flights per week. It is the first route that will directly connect both destinations,” she posted on social media.

According to the Ministry of Tourism of Mexico, Ecuador is one of the top 25 countries for air tourists into Mexico.

“We will make this tourist success go from north to south so that prosperity reaches the table of the families who need it most, as reflected in the New Agreement,” she added.

Cancun Mayor Ana Patricia Peralta said this is an example of the strengthening of the connectivity of this pole as a tourist leader in Mexico and Latin America, since it will benefit thousands of people from Cancun to continue with the objectives of the New Agreement for Well-being and Development toward a shared prosperity in Quintana Roo.

“This first direct flight is very important to continue strengthening ties and detonating opportunities in the vacation and business sector. We continue to increase confidence in our destination and that is definitely excellent news for everyone because it means more opportunities, more tourism, more businesses, more jobs and more income for Cancun families in addition to a better Cancun for our girls and boys, who are our future,” she said.

The direct flights will start June 16, 2023.