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New Moscow-Cancun flights announced for October

Cancun, Q.R. — A new Cancun-Moscow route has been announced that will see at least 4,000 Russian tourists land at the Cancun International Airport during the remaining months of this year.

The announcement comes from Francisco López Reyes, Tourism Director of Benito Juárez, who says Russia’s Royal Flight Airlines will begin the new route in October, offering flights between Moscow and Cancun.

He explained that the charter flight will see the arrival of at least 4,000 visitors from the country during the last few months of the year, saying the new flight is very positive for the destination.

“With great news I announce that as of October, every 10 days we will have a flight from Moscow to Cancun, a flight from Russia with Royal Flight Airlines which will allow us to end 2019 with 4,000 Russian visitors, and of course, all of 2020,” he said.

“The average expenditure of Russians is double or triple that of the average tourist, so it is great news. Thousands of Russian travelers will be arriving in Cancun from October on Royal Flights every 10 days, so again, good news,” he emphasized.

López Reyes also said that aside from Russia, three other flights have added Cancun to their itineraries. One of which is Oaxaca-Cancun, the other Tikal, Guatemala-Cancun and the third, Acapulco-Cancun, which will begin operations October 27.