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New LED streetlight program begins for Tulum

Tulum, Q.R. — With an investment of 2.5 million peso, the first stage of the addition of LED streetlights has begun in the municipality of Tulum.

Tulum mayor, Victor Mas Tah, says the new lights will create a substantial energy saving as well as provide better lighting. He says that the program will see the installation of 1,000 units of electric energy saving lamps, which are already being placed in the vicinity of the Mayan Ceremonial Center.

“The concern we’ve had since the beginning of this administration is to work on items that had not been given priority by past administrations, but now we are assuming responsibility. Since public lighting is lacking in all the municipal geography, it will be addressed in the coming weeks,” he said.

He recognized that Tulum has evolved, grown and created new colonies that face the problem of a lack of street lighting, therefore, the present administration is making an effort to acquire the material required to add them in the shortest possible time.

“In this first stage, a thousand luminaries will be placed, but there will be a second and a third since the goal is to illuminate the whole city and to have greater security so that families, children, students, housewives and tourists can walk without great danger and have peace of mind,” he added.

Víctor Mas Tah said that everyday he is working to find the best alternatives to the problems facing the municipality.