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New front to produce unseasonably cold nights for Cancun, Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — A new mass of cold air will take the Cancun, Riviera Maya region into the weekend a bit chilly as Cold Front No. 23 arrives. The mass of cold air will start to move over the Yucatan Peninsula early Thursday, as it enters the northern portion of the country.

The system will continue to head south, blanketing Cancun and Riviera Maya by Thursday evening. The Servicio Meteorológico Nacional (SMN) reports that the arrival of the front will create wind gusts greater than 50 km/h in the northwest, north and northeast of the country.

The polar air mass driving the front will cause a marked drop in temperatures. SMN says for Friday, the intense cold front (No. 23) will extend over the Caribbean Sea, creating the cold environment.

Daytime temperatures for Cancun and Riviera Maya will remain slightly below seasonal at around 24 C (75 F), however, nighttime temperatures will see a severe dip with forecasts of between 15 C and 18 C (59F to 64F), while the system moves away.

SMN has forecast a total of 54 cold fronts for the 2020-2021 winter season.