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New Covid Medical Camp inaugurated for Tulum medical personnel

Tulum, Q.R. — Tulum mayor Víctor Mas Tah has announced the inauguration of a Covid Medical Camp to provide comfortable accommodations for the doctors, nurses and health workers who lived in the community hospital.

Mas Tah, along with businessman Adolfo Contreras, unveiled the new building to recognize the efforts of the medical personnel who work at the Community Hospital of Tulum, especially in the treatment of COVID-19.

During the inaguration, mayor Mas Tah said “I am very pleased to be here with you, inaugurating this important space to support all the medical personnel who are attending to the patients of the Tulum Community Hospital.”

He stressed that he is aware of the challenge they face during the pandemic, a challenge that “is for all of us, but it is even more so for doctors, nurses, stretcher-bearers, administrative and cleaning staff. All of them are putting their own health, their lives at risk, to take care of those who have contracted this disease.”

He said that with authorization of the Community Hospital, many health workers came from other municipalities to care for the sick in Tulum, but that they did not have a decent or fixed space to rest.

He explained that for this reason, “we are inaugurating the Covid Medical Camp in which they will have what they need to rest, have moments of relaxation and be clear, everything they need,” he said. He added that for the empowerment of the hospital, city council collaborated with the state and federal governments to provide health care personnel with what is necessary for its operation, “thanks to these efforts, you have that space since now is the time to support you so you can continue with your hard work,” adding that “these difficult times require we all do our best.”