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Neighbors report suspicious man pushing covered wheelbarrow down Cozumel street

Cozumel, Q.R. — Patrolling officers in Félix González Canto arrested a man they found transporting a generator in a wheelbarrow. Municipal officers were alerted to the incident by the neighborhood committee members of Félix González Canto Saturday.

When they located the man and began questioning him, they took him into custody after he was unable to prove he owned it. He was found “pushing a green Truper wheelbarrow and on top of it a yellow and black EPGEN 3000 generator under a black canvas.”

Cozumel police proceeded to arrest 27-year-old Luis “V” who told police he was from Cancun.

“After the seizure of the male, police sought to contact the owner of the recovered items using the neighborhood Félix González Canto chats.”

The generator and wheelbarrow were returned to their rightful owner. Photo: Policia Cozumel August 6, 2023.

According to Cozumel Police, the owner of the generator arrived at the Cozumel police station Sunday with proof of ownership and was able to recover his generator.