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Neighborhood lighting installed in darkened José María Morelos areas

José María Morelos, Q.R. — Neighborhood lighting has been installed in darkened areas of José María Morelos. Mayor Erik Borges Yam supervised the repairs and subsequent installation of street lights due to citizen demand.

He said the lights were installed in the Vicente Guerrero and Guadalupe neighborhoods after resident requests due to a lack of public lighting. On site, he verified the progress of the work being done to improve safety of area residents.

He says that care is provided in all communities due to a great team he has that worked tirelessly into the night.

“We thank the people who reported he problems in the colonies. We are going to strengthen the development of all the towns in the Mayan area,” he said adding that this is what he is there for, to serve the citizens.

He says the lack of town public lighting has been resolved in the neighborhoods and in the rural communities. “We have this firm commitment to our people” he said.