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National Guard sent after armored security truck overturns in Jose Marie Morelos

Jose Marie Morelos, Q.R. — National Guard were sent to the scene of a highway rollover in Jose Marie Morelos. They were sent to guard a security truck that had overturned.

The security truck was carrying an undisclosed amount of cash when the driver lost control of the truck and landed it on its side in the ditch. Due to the common practice of highway looting, National Guard were sent to guard the truck while paramedics attended to the injured.

The two guards from inside the truck were removed and transferred to hospital for treatment. Neither was badly injured. According to early information, the vehicle suffered a mechanical failure on a corner that caused it to leave the highway and overturn.

A second armored truck was sent to the scene to unload the money from the overturned unit before it could be uprighted and towed.