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National Guard locate stolen semis carrying 60 tons of steel rod

Tecamachalco, Puebla — Two semis carrying more than 60 tons of steel rod were located by National Guard after being reported stolen. The large units were located during a search operation on the Puebla-Córdoba highway.

In accordance with the Pueble National Public Security Strategy,  members of the National Guard located the two stolen tractor trailers. The semis were found during surveillance and crime prevention patrols on the Puebla-Córdoba highway.

Authorities were on the alert for the units after the transportation company that owns them reported the loss of telephone and satellite communication with the drivers of both units.

National Guard personnel were provided with the last known GPS location of the units and began the search. Both units were located near a gas station in the municipality of Tecamachalco, Puebla.

Authorities confirmed they were the two stolen semi-trailer tractors loaded with 60 tons of steel rod, however, they were found abandoned. Neither of the drivers were located.