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National Guard combs Cozumel beach after second report of washed up drug packages

Cozumel, Q.R. — The National Guard spent a portion of Tuesday scouring the east side of the island of Cozumel in search of narcotics. Military personnel searched through rocks and washed up seaweed in search of more blocks of drugs after locating additional packages.

On September 2, military personnel located 13 bricks of what turned out to be cocaine. Days later, authorities responded to a report after a beachgoer located more. The second finding was in the same area as the September 2 discovery.

According to a briefing from the National Guard, a local walking Playa San Martín stumbled upon nine blocks of rectangle packages. Additional elements were sent to search for the possibility of more blocks.

In their briefing they said “upon arrival at the scene, they carried out an exhaustive search in the area and found on the seashore, among sargassum, around nine black rectangular packages with gold stamping containing apparent narcotics.”

The type of drug and the weight has yet to be determined.