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Narcotics dog finds Sinaloa originated packages bound for Quintana Roo

Mexico City, Mexico — Several packages intercepted in a Mexico City courier company were found stuffed with narcotics bound for Quintana Roo. On Saturday, a narcotics dog picked up on the scent of a box that had originated from Sinaloa.

“In compliance with the National Public Security Strategy and to contribute to the National Addiction Prevention Strategy Together for Peace, members of the National Guard (GN) secured packages of marijuana inside cardboard boxes,” the agency reported.

“As part of the strategic actions to prevent the transfer and distribution of narcotics, currency and firearms, national guards, with prior authorization and with the support of canine pairs, entered a courier and parcel company in the municipality of Culiacán.

“National Guard personnel randomly selected various shipments to be sniffed by a canine specimen, who was interested in five cardboard boxes,” they detailed.

After carrying out a thorough review, National Guard located eleven transparent plastic bags of marijuana. Some of the boxes found were destined for Quintana Roo.