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Municipality of Cozumel to auction off 78 old city vehicles

Cozumel, Q.R. — During a recent City Hall meeting, members voted to auction 78 “useless vehicles” from the municipal inventory. Cozumel Mayor Juanita Alonso Marrufo, reported that the Council voted in favor of disincorporating a total of 78 vehicles “in a useless state” from the municipal inventory for their subsequent sale through public auction.

City Hall Trustee, Bruno Esteban Díaz Solís made the proposal to disincorporate them from the inventory for their subsequent disposal through an auction.

The vehicles to be auctioned include “motorcycles and cars owned by the Municipal Government that are in poor condition and that occupy an important space on the land used for shelter,” Alonso said.

The director of Municipal Heritage, Ramiro Vélez Marino, explained that there has been an interest to deregister the vehciles since 2016. He says they have been progressively accumulating over the years.

The oldest vehicle in the fleet of 78 is from 1975, however, most are around 15 years old, he said.

He reported that all the vehicles are in poor physical and mechanical condition and include 39 automobiles, 38 motorcycles and one ATV. Cozumel City Council did not provide an auction date for the vehicles.